Curious Mind

Curious Mind is a pre-primary series of 23 books structured to familiarize students with preschool education. The series comprises of thee kits for classes – Nursery, LKG and UKG. The content of each book is drawn from the child’s immediate environment and is carefully designed keeping in mind the child’s age and learning abilities. Our books aim to enable them. With our pre-primary series, you would help your child reach important milestones to become a confident and independent learner.

A Series for Pre-Primary

  • The books in the series contain pre-writing lines and shapes. These are the pencil stroke that most letter, numbers and early drawings are comprised of. These are taught in sequential order and at an age specific level.
  • After practicing pre-writing strokes, which include standing, sleeping and curved lines, formation of letter and numbers are taught step-wise to the children.
  • All the books in this series help the children to develop the ability to hold a pencil and move it fluently to write on paper.
  • Our books would help the children recognize numbers, letter and shapes and develop their mathematical vocabulary, thinking and reasoning skills.
  • It would help them improve their eye-hand coordination, recall names of objects and events, and associate sounds with symbols.
  • Packed with lively illustrations and innovative activities, the books would help learners progress naturally.
  • The activities covered in the books like matching, colouring, encircling, pasting, sequencing, etc, make early literary skills fun for children.
  • Tips for enhancing skills like auditory discrimination, matching, sorting vocabulary development, improving concentration the child’s understanding of basic concepts.
  • The tips and creative ideas for parents and teachers promise happy hours of teaching and learning.