Cosmos A Book of Social Science

The purpose of this series Cosmos is to enable the students to understand, participate and make informed decisions about their world. All the 8 books of Social Science in the series are prepared in accordance to NCERT syllabus for classes 1-8. Our books allow young learners to understand people, institutions and environment and also equip them with the knowledge and understanding of the past. It enables the students to develop their problem solving and decision making skills, critical thinking, socio-emotional development and pro-social skills.

Classes 1 to 8

  • Each book of this series includes history geography, and social and political life.
  • The history section in the books provides a systematic understanding of the chronology of events.
  • The geography section explains the key geographical concepts and introduces the students to various regions and countries, natural environment and global distribution of economic resources.
  • The civics section introduces the students to social and political institutes and acquaints them with the working of government.
  • New words have been provided in each chapter for explaining key terms.
  • All books contain interesting snippets related to the topics covered in each chapter.
  • Attractive layout, colourful illustrations, diagrams, relevant photographs are included in the books to stimulate the interest of students and to help them grasp the concepts clearly.
  • Various activities, map work, projects and weblinks will make learning of social science a fun-filled and a hands-on experience.
  • Appropriate exercises are given in each book to provide sufficient practice to the students.