Know Your Science

Know Your Science is a series of books in Science for classes 1-8. The series is developed as per the guidelines provided as per the guidelines provided by NCERT for the schools affiliated to CBSE. The purpose of this series is to get the students involved in the learning process and to ensure that the concepts are well-understood

A Series on Science

  • The test is comprehensive, well-organised and written in an simple and students-friendly manner for the learner to understand the scientific concepts effectively.
  • By using examples that relate to everyday life, the books help build a sound understanding of the relevant concepts.
  • Attractive layout, well-labelled diagrams and illustrations, and photographs make the topics easily comprehensible for the young learners.
  • Infographics, tables, experiments and fact boxes have been used in appropriate places to help the students remember various concepts.
  • LET’S REVISE at the end of each chapter lets the students revisit the concepts learnt within the chapter.
  • The content is enhanced with add-ons like brain teasers, facts and Did You Know sections to make science learning interesting and fun.
  • A number of activities have been provided in the DO & LEARN section to let the students explore the world of science and make learning an enjoyable experience.
  • SCIENCE CLUS includes projects that help the students develop their scientific skills.